Spring Operations

Spring is an extremely busy season for the Highway Division. After the long winter, the Division looks forward to its construction season. Some of the Division’s activities in early spring are:

  • Repair damage from its winter operations.
  • Assess sections looking for deficiencies.
  • Prioritize repairs and formulate work schedule.
  • City street sweeping.
  • Pavement markings identifying sidewalks and lane lines.
  • Temporary road repairs.

As the season begins to change, the Division gears up for its construction season and begins work on:

  • Permanent repairs for roadways.
  • Drainage structure repair and system cleaning.
  • Roadside mowing.
  • New installations of drain systems.
  • Sidewalk repairs and new installations.
  • Regrading of dirt roads.
  • Roadside ditching.
  • Tree and brush pruning and removal.
  • Mowing and maintenance of Federal drainage systems.