City Code

The City of Keene utilizes the services of the Municipal Code Corporation to codify the Keene City Code of Ordinances, which is published online at the Municipal Code website.  The information on the site is updated on a bi-annual basis to reflect any Ordinance amendments adopted by the City Council over the previous six-month period.  Ordinances that have been submitted but not yet codified can be found on the Municipal Code site by navigating to the "OrdBank".

The Municipal Code site is keyword searchable, and offers users the ability to create a link to a specific section of the City Code and email it as an attachment.  Municipal Code provides a list of Ordinances that have been submitted to them but are not yet codified, with the text of the Ordinance available for viewing on their site.  To view the Keene City Code of Ordinances posted on the Municipal Code site, please click here.