Recently Adopted City Code Amendments

Below is a list of Ordinances that have been adopted by the Keene City Council, that have not been codified by the City's Codifier, Municipal Code Corporation.  Also incorporated are links to the full text of each Ordinance.  To read an Ordinance in full, click on the associated attachment at the bottom of the screen.

O-2012-07-B Relating to Surface Water Protection.pdf400.73 KB
O-2012-18 Relating to Water and Sewer Rates.pdf37.44 KB
O-2012-21-A Relating Purchasing Procedures.pdf55.78 KB
O-2013-03 Relating to Class Allocation and Salary Schedules.pdf107.05 KB
O-2013-04-A Relating to Health Permit Fee Changes.pdf53.47 KB