City Council

The City of Keene is governed by the Mayor and City Council. The members of this body are elected by the Citizens of Keene to represent their interests with regard to the local decision making process. The Council is comprised of 15 members, with two Councilors representing each of the five City Wards, and five Councilors serving At-Large representing the entire City. The Mayor serves as Chairman, and is the official head of the City for ceremonial purposes. The City Council meets on the first and third Thursday of the month at 7:00 PM.

Each Councilor is assigned to a Council Standing Committee. There are three Standing Committees charged with hearing various issues and providing recommendations back to the full Council for their consideration.

To learn more about what items each Committee is responsible for and which Councilors are assigned to each Committee, please go to our Standing Committees page.

The Council appoints certain City officials including: the City Manager, who serves as the chief executive officer of the City; the City Attorney, who provides legal services to the Council and other City boards and departments; and the City Clerk, who works closely with all other City officials to see that the wishes of the Council are carried out.

If you would like to know which ward you reside in, please go to our Voter Registration page.

Pictured (L to R) top row: Councilor Stephen Hooper, City Attorney Thomas Mullins, City Manager Medard Kopczynski, City Councilors Gary Lamoureux, Randy Filiault, Robert O'Connor, George Hansel, Jay Kahn, Robert Sutherland, David Richards, Thomas Powers, Terry Clark, Philip Jones, City Clerk Patricia Little, Mayor Kendall Lane, and Councilors Bettina Chadbourne, Janis Manwaring and Mitchell Greenwald.  Not pictured: Councilor Carl Jacobs.

Think you might be interested in serving on the Keene City Council? For more information on the commitments involved, please read the following essay entitled "What it Takes to be a Keene City Councilor" written by former City Councilor Cynthia C. Georgina.