Legislative Tracking

Municipal Function Areas of Legislative Interest
Airport Airport Zoning, Airport Minimum Standards
Assessing Property Taxes, Timber Tax, Assessments, Abatements, Current Use, Property Tax Exemptions, Excavation and Activity Tax, Educational Funding, Manufactured Housing, Real Estate Transfer Tax, Utility Appraisals, Tax Increment Financing Districts, Merger of Contiguous Lots
City Manager Tax Increment Financing Districts, Unfunded Mandates, Collective Bargaining, Retirement System
Clerk Motor Vehicle Registrations, Vital Records, Dogs, Elections, Records, Right-to-know, Uniform Commercial Code Notices, Meetings of Governing Bodies, Highway Layout Process, Town Meeting
Finance Motor Vehicle Registration, Tax Increment Financing Districts, Trust Funds, Finances, Economic Development, Employee Benefits, Collection of Property Taxes, Acceptance of Credit Cards, Workers Compensation, Insurance, Employee Benefits, State Retirement System, Unemployment Benefits
Fire Emergency Medical Trauma, Certification of Firefighters, Fire Safety Inspections, Thermal Imaging Cameras, State Fire Standards, Fire Prevention, Certificate of Equipment (vehicles), Ambulance Standards and Inspections
Health/Code Enforcement Accessibility, Building, Climate Protection, Codes in Schools, Fire Safety Inspections, Fire Prevention, Green Building, Home Improvements, Housing, Manufactured Housing, Plumbing and Electrical Codes, Radon, Public Health, State Fire Marshall, State Building Code, Sustainability, Tobacco, Water Resources, Water Quality, Junk Yards, Variances, Violations of Local Ordinances, Zoning, Zoning Board of Adjustment
Human Resources/Personnel Workers Compensation, Insurance, Employee Benefits, Collective Bargaining, Union Negotiations, Employee Disability, State Retirement System, Unemployment Benefits, Minimum Wage, Employment Issues
Human Services/Social Services Public Assistance, Housing, Prescription Discounts, Homelessness, Medicaid Insurance for Children, Uninsured Adults, Children and Youth Services, County Welfare, Dental Health, Disability Income, Fuel, Electric Rates, and Utility Programs, Health Care, Health Insurance, Mental Health, Salary/Benefits for Social Service Providers, Senior Citizens, TANF, APTD, Food Stamps.
Information Technology Electronic Records, Digital Signatures, Telecommunications, Internet Service Providers, Digital Access
Legal Right-to-know, Highway Layout Process, Violations of Local Ordinances, Eminent Domain, Meetings of Governing Bodies
Library Right-to-know, Digital Access, Library Trustees, Library Law
Parks Recreation & Facilities Recreational Campgrounds, OHRV's, Cemeteries, Environmental, Conservation
Planning Master Planning, Telecommunications, Planning Board, Zoning, Economic Development, Rail Properties, Land and Community Heritage Trust, Variances, Airport Zoning, Merger of Contiguous Lots, Water Resources, Wetlands, Roads, Sustainability, Climate Protection
Police Enforcement, Penalties for Ordinances, Police, Traffic, Background Checks, Sexual Assault and Offenders, Domestic Violence, Alcohol, Vicious Dogs, Transportation of Prisoners, Weapons, Gambling, Drugs, DWI Laws
Public Works Recycling, Biosolids, Landfill, Water Resources, Water Quality, Highways, Emissions, Dig Safe, Wastewater, In Stream Flow, Dioxin Emissions, Septage, Fluoridation of Water, Solid Waste, Recycling, Environmental Issues
Tax Collector Collection of Property Taxes, motor vehicle registrations
Youth/Juvenile Diversion Juveniles, CHINS, Juvenile Detention, Possession of Tobacco by Minors, Youth Development Center, Domestic Violence, Families and Children, Custody issues, Special Education Laws, Diversion