Abatement Information & Application

Tax Year 2016 Abatement Information

When to File:
Following the issuance of the final property tax bill, property owners or aggrieved parties may file an abatement application with the Department of Assessment. Applications must be received by March 1, 2017.

Reasons to Apply:
An error in the assessment, a disproportionate assessment, or a question of law. The burden of proof for the abatement is on the taxpayer.

The Abatement Process:
After the Department of Assessment receives the completed abatement application, the City’s Property Appraiser may contact the applicant or representative to schedule an appointment to inspect the property(s). Please note: It is necessary to consider all properties (located in Keene) which are owned by the applicant in determining disproportionality.

Once the application is reviewed by the Department of Assessment it will then  be brought before the Board of Assessors. The Board will consider all of the information submitted to them prior to the meeting to assist them in making their determinations. The meetings are public and the Board consists of three regular members, one alternate member and the City Assessor. The City Assessor is the chairman and the only non-voting member. The duties of the Board include all decisions relating to property tax abatements.

When will a decision be made:
The Board of Assessors have until July 1st to either grant or deny the application. If the Board does not send notice by July 1st the application is “deemed to have been denied” (RSA 76:16).

Additional Information:
To assist in processing the abatement application as expeditiously as possible we ask that four (4) copies of the application, including any supporting documents, be submitted along with one original application.