Water Treatment Facility (WTF)

Drinking Water:

The City of Keene delivers both surface and groundwater to its customers. The majority of the water comes from the surface water reservoirs located in the town of Roxbury and some from four gravel-packed wells located in Keene on Court and West Streets. Water from the reservoir flows to the Water Treatment Facility (WTF) where it is filtered, disinfected, and made less acidic before it enters the distribution system. Well water is pumped from the Court Street and West Street aquifers. It is not filtered, but it is disinfected and the pH is adjusted before it is distributed to your home. Although your water comes from more than one source, it all goes into the same distribution system, so you may receive different blends of water on different days.


Water Treatment Facility:

From the surface water reservoir, the City draws an average of 2 million gallons daily (MGD) by gravity into the Water Treatment Facility to satisfy most of the City's 2.7 MGD demand.

Once inside the plant - the water passes through a water turbine that creates enough electricity to power most of the treatment facility operations. From there coagulants, liquid polymer and poly aluminum chloride are added through the injection ports that line the pipe to help treat the water. Plastic tanks inside the facility hold 2,500 gallons of 15% sodium hypochlorite and 25% sodium hydroxide which are added to the treatment process using the chemical feed pumps.

The water enters at the bottom of the treatment unit, is filtered through plastic media as it rises up through the clarifier section, then spills over into the second filter of mixed media where it filters by gravity. The tri-media filter consists of layers of: anthracite coal, silica sand, and crushed garnet sand.

Online meters keep tabs on the turbidity, pH, residual chlorine, and alkalinity of the water in each treatment unit. The meters send signals to the operations computers which allow the operators who can monitor and adjust quality remotely. 

The accuracy of the online meters is verified through checks made using standardized bench top instruments.

The Water Treatment Facility control room offers a bird's eye view of the process through large windows. It also houses the computers that allow the operators to monitor and control all aspects of the treatment process, water levels in the storage tanks and activity in water booster stations.


Well Fields:

The City has two well fields where water can be pumped from and treated with chlorine and sodium hydroxide. These wells supplement the reservoir supply and the water is pumped into the main water system where it mixes with the treated surface water.


Distribution Systems:

Approximately 100 miles of water mains are controlled by approximately 1800 gate valves and are connected to approximatly 750 fire hydrants. The City has 6 water storage tanks and 2 booster pump stations. 


Our Staff:

Employees who operate and maintain the City’s water and sewer system are part of six complimentary focus areas that work together to support the City's mission of providing clean water for use in drinking, fire protection, and commercial/industrial activities in the City of Keene and the North Swanzey Water and Fire Precinct. The focus areas are: Water Meters, Water Distribution, Water Treatment, Water Testing, Water Maintenance, and Water System Engineering.

Operations Manager: 357-8483