City News

The City Manager of Keene will have the opportunity to serve one of the country’s most distinctive destinations.


We have decided to postpone our Annual Green Up Keene day to April 22, 2017 due to snow accumulation and forecasted heavy rains... More»

Keene is committed to sustainability, resilience and innovation.  This and a long standing commitment to ownership... More»

"Don't Flush That!" Public Service Announcement (PSA) about problems in the sewers.  Check This Out! 


The NH Department of Safety, Division of Motor Vehicles is pleased to announce that a new computer system (VISION) will be implemented in the... More»

The City of Keene recently had 25 LED street lights installed along Marlboro Street as a demonstration project.


This plan’s purpose is to provide the landowner, the City of Keene, with a comprehensive description ofthe natural resources on the Dillant... More»

YourGov is an easy way to report and view issues near you.  It's a citizen request tool that uses technology to report non-emergency issues.... More»

The City of Keene is pleased to announce the release of an interactive map application that enables the public to discover information about the... More»

It is with great pride that we announce that Firefighters James MacLean and Daniel McKenna have been recognized by the New Hampshire... More»

In September, the City of Keene’s Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Program (EP3) Committee and the Information Technology (IT) Department... More»

Use the mobile payment solution instead of plugging meters.


The Mayor would like to extend an invitation to you to become one of the 200+ community volunteers that serve on City of Keene Boards and... More»

The City of Keene has made it easy to keep current on what's happening with City Government.  The City website is full of valuable... More»