Robin Hood Dam Project Information

On June 17, 2008 the NHDES Dam Bureau issued a letter of deficiency (LOD) to the City of Keene for the Robin Hood Reservoir Dam requiring a number of immediate and long-term improvements to be made. These improvements included requiring the dam discharge outlet structure to be redesigned and constructed to accommodate a 100-year storm 2.5 times stronger than expected for that event.

Dubois & King Consulting Engineers was retained by the city to perform preliminary and final  engineering design of the dam improvements and to negotiate with NHDES Dam Bureau regarding the completion date for the dam improvements.

A public information meeting was held on Nov 18, 2010. A link to the list of attendees is provided as well as a link to the summary of the presentation. The project is scheduled for construction in 2011.

Robin Hood Dam Meeting Notes : November 18th, 2010 Public Meeting

Robin Hood Dam Meeting Attendance List : November 18th, 2010 Public Meeting


Project Manager: James Donison, City Engineer. (603) 352-6550.