Program Implementation

Program Implementation

Program Responsibility
It will be the primary responsibility of the Purchasing Agent and the EP³ Team to implement this policy by identifying program goals, providing training and information when requested, and assistance in the evaluation of the environmentally preferable purchasing status of a product or service.

The EP³ Team will:

  • Assist the Purchasing Agent to evaluate specifications and contract language for environmentally preferable purchasing to be incorporated into city contracts.
  • Undertake Life Cycle Cost Analysis, on a pilot basis, when developing specifications for costly durable products.
  • Participate in training and ensure that all departments are represented in training to raise awareness of environmentally preferable purchasing.
  • Assist the Purchasing Agent in developing and refining environmentally preferable purchasing benchmarks and measurable goals for the program.
  • Promote the environmentally preferable purchasing efforts that departments undertake currently.
  • Develop and promote department recognition and participation in the program.
  • Work to continuously improve the City of Keene's environmentally preferable purchasing performance.
  • Apply for grant funding to support environmentally preferable purchasing activities.
  • Report program outcomes/accomplishments to City Council, city committees, and the general public on a periodic basis.

Employee Responsibility
Every department is responsible for ensuring that suppliers and contractors provide the City with products and services that meet the intent of Administrative Directive 2.04. Every department shall ensure its employees are familiar with the Administrative Directive.

EP³ is specifically geared towards employees who:

  • Identify or specify products or services for purchase by their department or division.
  • Write bid specifications for products, equipment or services.
  • Draft contracts for products or services.
  • Use city purchasing methods.

Environmental Attributes
The purpose of A.D. 2.04 is to purchase products and services that:

  • reduce toxicity;
  • conserve natural resources, materials, water, and energy; and
  • maximize recyclability and recycled content and reduce waste.

Other environmentally preferable characteristics, or attributes, should also be considered depending upon the specific type of product or service, such as:

  • Bio-based
  • Biodegradable
  • Compostable
  • High Recycled Content
  • Low Toxicity
  • Low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC)
  • Pollution (air, water, solid waste) Reduction
  • Recyclable
  • Repairable
  • Resource Efficient (water conserving and/or energy efficient)
  • Reusable

Measuring Success
The Finance Department will periodically evaluate the success of this policy's implementation against the goals and benchmarks for success established for the program by the EP³ Team. It is anticipated that updates will be given to the City Manager and City Council on an annual basis. At a minimum, this policy and the program shall be re-evaluated once every five (5) years.