This community comprehensive master plan would not have been possible without the assistance, support, involvement, active dialogue and expertise provided by Keene's elected and appointed officials, citizens, and residents from surrounding municipalities, city staff, volunteers, and many others who participated in the planning process.
The Comprehensive Master Plan Steering Committee and the City of Keene Planning Board and City Council would like to recognize the hundreds of people not mentioned below who freely and selflessly gave their time, energy, and creativity towards the formation of this plan to create a more sustainable Keene.

Comprehensive Master Plan Steering Committee
Michael M. Welsh, Chair
John T. Hackett, Vice-Chair
Richard Berry
James Duffy
Kendall Lane
Elizabeth McCann
Sandra Roberts
Nathaniel Stout
Abigail Abrash Walton

Planning Board Members
Peter D. Bradshaw, Chair
Abigail Abrash Walton, Vice-Chair
Dan Bartlett (former)
David Curran
Michael Hagan (former)
Emily Hague
Robert D. Mallet, III (former)
Kenneth McGee, III (former)
Vicki Morton (former)
Frederick Parsells
Judy Sadoski
Michael M. Welsh
Louise Zerba

City Officials + Staff
Dale Pregent, Mayor
Michael Blastos, Former Mayor
Joseph W. Bendzinski, Councilor (former)
Terry M. Clark, Councilor
June M. Donegan, Councilor
James Duffy, Councilor
Randy L. Filiault, Councilor
Cynthia Georgina, Councilor
Mitchell H. Greenwald, Councilor
Philip M. Jones, Councilor
Kendall W. Lane, Councilor
Margaret A. Lynch, Councilor (former)
Janis O. Manwaring, Councilor
Paula A. Phillips, Councilor (former)
Charles H. Redfern, Councilor
David C. Richards, Councilor
Kris E. Roberts, Councilor
Pamela Russell Slack, Councilor
Nathaniel M. Stout, Councilor
Ruth R. Venezia, Councilor

John A. MacLean, City Manager
Martha Landry, Assistant City Manager/Finance Director
Medard Kopczynksi, Assistant City Manager/Health & Code
William Prokop, Assistant City Manager/Human Resources Director
Patricia Little, City Clerk
Ed Mattern, Director, Keene Dillant Hopkins Airport
Kurt Blomquist, Director, Department of Public Works
Planning Department
W. Rhett Lamb, Director
Mikaela L. Engert, Planner
Andrew B. Smith, Planner
Timothy Garceau, Planning Technician
William Schoefmann, GIS Technician
Leona Langella, Administrative Assistant

Plan Partners
Antioch University New England
Arts Alive!
Cheshire County Conservation District
Cheshire Medical Group/Dartmouth
Hitchcock – Keene
Friends of Center City
Friends of Open Space
Hannah Grimes Center
Keene Chamber of Commerce
Keene Downtown Merchants Group
Keene Housing Authority
Keene Property Owners Association
Keene State College
Monadnock Conservancy
Monadnock Economic Development
School Administrative Unit 29
Southwest Region Planning Association

Professional Planning Consultant Assistance
Horsley Witten Group, LLC – Community Master Planning Process
Taintor & Associates – Community Vision Process